Saturday, 6 December 2008

Scotcon 2008

By now the annual TMUK Scottish meetup entitled Scotcon should be underway. No doubt there will be many drinks consumed, many tears shed during the evil Quiz of Doom prepared by the Quizfuhrer- Nick Davidson.

Sadly events conspired against us to prevent a new Scotcon comic but a convention freebie has been prepared as always. We've cobbled together a two disc dvd set featuring the best of Sunbow Transformers or as we've entitled it - THE LEAST WORST OF SUNBOW.

Here is the art and hopefully I'll be updating my Twitter stream as the day goes on.

Eagle eyed readers will know that the art is a homage to the cover for The Trans Formers (Issue 12 if you are american, or Issue 39 for the British) by Herb Trimpe. It is hands down my favourite Trans Formers cover and one of my all-time favourite comic covers.

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